A valued advisor, skilled facilitator, passionate instructor, and seasoned coach, Brien Dunphy marries an uncompromising commitment to his clients with a true passion for creating engaging learning environments to catalyze unprecedented growth in teams, individuals, and organizations.

Drawing on a rich background as a professional counselor, non-profit executive, and business consultant, for the last twenty years Brien has driven change and improvement at every organizational level.

With wry humor and hard-hitting truth, he has helped senior executives develop innovative strategies, line managers discover untapped efficiencies, and individual contributors develop and leverage new capabilities.

He is genuinely interested in getting to know his clients, learning about their context, and empathizing with their struggles. But he also committed to relentlessly challenging them in order to help them get out of their own way.

He has a particular passion for clients hungry to optimize their time, opportunity, and potential. As a busy professional active in both the corporate and faith-based sectors, who is also the father of ten children, he has tremendous empathy for men and women seeking to accomplish the most, in the face of great responsibilities and limited opportunities. 



DiSC EQ Brien is experienced as: -Dynamic
-Empathetic DiSC LEADERSHIP STYLE As a leader Brien is: -Pioneering
-Driven toward ambitious goals DiSC WORKPLACE In the Workplace Brien is: -Results and action oriented
-Ready to take on challenges
-Enthusiastic DiSC MANAGMENT STYLE As a manger Brien is: -Challenging



Brien is an ENTP ENTPs are innovative, strategic, versatile, analytical, and entrepreneurial.They enjoy working with others in start-up activities that require ingenuity and unusual resourcefulness. Although the descriptors below generally describe ENTPs, some may not fit you exactly due to individual differences within each type.


Trust Most likely, you have a strong need to verbalize your thoughts and feelings and to have them be heard by those around you. You probably also enjoy connecting with people. So you may throw yourself into your interactions with a lack of self-consciousness that can help build trust on a team. You may find it natural to let down your guard and speak freely, open to the possibilities and unafraid of letting people see the real you. Conflict When you have a strong, clear vision of how things should be and an excitement to make it a reality, you may set to work convincing your teammates to see things your way. So you may readily jump into debate, confidently asserting and defending your views. This tendency is critical to productive conflict—so long as you’re making space for others to share their ideas as well. Commitment Because you’re passionate and driven to achieve, you’re likely willing to get behind a decision you believe in. And you may be able to use your charisma to get others excited to commit as well. But if you think the team should have chosen a different path, it may sometimes be difficult for you to completely surrender your idea in order to commit unreservedly to a decision. Accountability With your open communication style, you may have a way of questioning teammates about their work that seems natural rather than intrusive. This can help them stay on track and meet the team’s expectations. And though you may not enjoy giving critical feedback or confronting poor performance, you may sometimes feel compelled to speak out when you see problems that could derail the team. You may also look for ways to inspire people to improve their performance Results You set your sights on bold, ambitious goals, and you’re determined to implement ideas quickly. So, with your energy and optimistic outlook, you may prompt teammates to expand their perception of what’s possible, innovate, and initiate new projects. And with your ability to generate enthusiasm, you may help create a sense of purpose and excitement that can drive your teams to aim higher.


1. Individualization People with the strength of Individualization see each person as one of a kind. They are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. 2. Learner People with the strength of Learner love to learn in many areas and simply enjoy the process of learning, more than the topic of what is being learned. 3. Relator People exceptionally talented in the Relator enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. 4. Responsibility People with the strength of Responsibility make commitments that align with and reflect their personal values. They are conscientious, dedicated and focused on doing the right things and doing things right. 5. Strategic A Strategic is a person whose decisions seem to come quickly and easily. For some reason, people with Strategic are able to quickly, sort through the clutter, avoid obstacles and determine the best route forward


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Andrea brings over 25 years of diverse, global experience coaching and consulting executives to enhance their personal and professional leadership development particularly in the areas of Communication, Executive Presence, Influencing Style, and Strategic Agility.  Her years of experience as a business leader in Global Talent Management and background in Organizational Psychology has enabled her to develop a deep understanding of the attitudes and behaviors exemplified by most successful leaders across functions, industries, and cultures.



Ken has over 17 years of experience as a corporate leader and since then has over 11 years of experience as a coach and trainer. Ken is a certified coach with experience coaching hundreds of unique clients from all over the world. Ken’s roles have included an Implementation Director of a Fortune 300 organization, Instructor of Chemistry at a Chicago area university, Owner of a Leadership Training & Coaching organization, and father of two adult children; he understands the challenges of being on the fast track at work while also wanting to make a lasting impact in all areas of life.



Anne is a Leadership Coach with over 30 years of leadership experience in multiple industries: Pharmaceutical, High Tech, Consulting and Scientific Equipment. In her roles, she has coached hundreds of employees to become outstanding managers and executives. From her corporate experience, she understands first-hand how large organizations work. Anne specializes in leadership and executive coaching, working with emerging and mid-career, high-potential women in IT/STEM and enabling them to maximize their potential and purpose.


The best value statements aren’t framed on a wall or printed on memo cubes; they are decision-making tools. An organization’s values should guide its choices, and thereby shape its culture and determine its identity.



We only do work we believe in


Hard truths produce transformative results


We only do work which can be done well


Success is a destination reached through partnering


Our work should challenge, excite, and energize us

The right team for your project


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