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Whatever an organization’s size, scope, or segment, our approach to facilitating change is both strategic and personal. We begin by using surveys, assessments, and interviews to evaluate existing strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and opportunities. Based on this data, and in consultation with senior leadership, we then craft a strategic plan as well as a proposed implementation process. Next, we solicit feedback from key stakeholders in every function. Finally, we remain hands-on throughout the roll-out phase to ensure ROI is maximized while unintended consequences are identified and addressed.

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Organizational consultng
Accelerated transitions
Leadership/Team development
Team development



Today’s dynamic organizations have few true individual contributors. Effective collaboration within teams, among teams, and across teams is, quite simply, a core competence in virtually every role at every level. We help build the skills necessary to succeed as team leaders and team members alike.




We believe that leaders are learners, so we tailor opportunities for individuals wishing to cultivate specific skills, identify new opportunities for growth, or enhance effectiveness in one or more areas.




We engage with people at every organizational level to cultivate the awareness, skill, and attitude necessary for individual contributors to become team leaders, for team leaders to begin leading other leaders, and for department and division leaders to successfully tackle executive roles.

Personal performance
leadership development
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The 6 Conditions for Team Effectiveness framework comes from decades of research and is the best validated model for predicting performance in real world teams. The framework identifies the 6 Conditions that can be deliberately designed into a team and that together create an environment where great teamwork will emerge. In our research, the 6 Conditions account for up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness.

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Hogan challenged decades of academic tradition and criticism to become the first to demonstrate personality’s impact on organizational success, pioneering the use of personality assessment to improve workplace performance.

Grounded in more than three decades of validated research, Hogan assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business. Thirty years later, Hogan is still committed to the same spirit of innovation.

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Statistically, it takes 2-3 years before professionals become entirely comfortable and connected in a new role. We turn that 2-3 years into 6-9 months for our clients. Onboarding is more than a simple transfer of knowledge. We believe success in your role is much more involved than what is in the onboarding binder. The intangibles matter and we make the intangible tangible.

We believe that leaders are learners, so we tailor opportunities for individuals wishing to cultivate specific skills, identify new opportunities for growth, or enhance effectiveness in one or more areas.





Company-wide development

Designed and implemented a company-wide learning initiative for a regional chain of funeral homes, supporting the owner’s desire to promote synergy among his businesses. Integrating onsite workshops, remote small group collaboration, and 1:1 coaching, this one-year intervention not only resulted in substantial direct cost savings, but generated a company-wide index of best practices credited with a double-digit percent increase in annual profit.


Founding An Executive Team

Partnered with a fast-growing IT firm to efficiently transition its leadership structure from its founders to an executive team. This six-month intervention involved assessing and aligning individual capabilities, redefining and reshaping strength-based organizational leadership at every level, instilling optimism and repairing widespread employee disengagement, undertaking extensive 1:1 coaching for the incoming executive team, and crafting an elegant exit strategy for the company’s founders. The results of this intervention were met with extraordinary applause at every level of the organization — a particularly gratifying outcome knowing we were not the first nor the second firm to tackle this project.


Company Refining Leadership Program

Coached new line managers making the transition from individual contributor to people leader throughout a multi-national foods manufacturing corporation. This highly competitive initiative offered six months of focused support to foster self- awareness, leadership acumen, and performance management skills in more than several hundred participants over three years. The program was recognized with the company’s “Making a Difference” award in recognition of the positive impact it had both on the organization and the individuals involved.


Senior management performance enhancement

Facilitated multiple deliveries of a four-day on-site learning event for senior managers and directors of a global technology company recently ranked in the Top 15 of best IT places. Key focus areas included building high performance teams and maximizing employee efficiency; the program was ranked the organization’s most effective development opportunity each of the four years it was offered.


Breathed life into a struggling company

Collaborated with senior leaders implementing a comprehensive reorganization of a $20M non-profit. This ninety-day project helped individuals clarify roles, develop key objectives, reach consensus around metrics, eliminate redundancy, and identify potential synergies to build upon. The organization’s executive director later confessed he was ready to abandon the project before this intervention began AND that it was the single most effective reorganization, he’d ever been a part of.


Creating new team leaders

Supported new North American directors for a European chemical manufacturer. This ongoing project provides senior leaders based in the US with two months of on-demand coaching as they transition from managing individuals to leading teams, and in some cases leading multiple teams. This initiative has proven so successful it not only has a two-year waiting list, but also has a number of participants initiating and/or continuing the coaching relationship at their own expense.


Guided towards self-realization to attain the dream job

Coaching the chief operating officer of a humanitarian relief organization overwhelmed with both organizational turbulence and personal crisis. Greater self-awareness, broader perspective, and clearer priorities facilitated over several conversations helped the client successfully de-escalate challenges on both fronts and positioned him for a successful transition to what he describes as his “dream job” in a related field.

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