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Ken’s strengths include his wide-ranging experiences; with a degree in chemistry and eight years in marketing for science companies, he developed and marketed hundreds of new products. As a university chemistry instructor, he honed his ability to present difficult concepts in fun and engaging ways. Finally, as a leader in a Fortune 300 company, he took four different organizations from ineffective to top-performing—each in under twelve months.


Ken has individually coached (over 3,000 hours) and implemented training for leaders in dozens of organizations such as Apple, McDonalds, Facebook, LinkedIn, BASF, Fidelity, VISA, Sephora, Christie’s, Quest Diagnostics, Chamberlain, Accenture, Sandvik, ADP, CDK, Harley-Davidson, Lettuce Entertain You, Abbott Labs, and Volvo.

Ken is also a highly sought after leadership development trainer. Certified as a trainer for Situational Leadership II which is the world’s most popular leadership development training. Ken is also certified to deliver and train on Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator; the world’s most often delivered assessment. Ken trains leaders on business coaching, MBTI, critical conversations, delivering and receiving feedback, and building high performing teams.



- PCC (Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation)

- CPCC (Co-Active Professional Certified Coach with CTI)

- Certified Facilitator Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II

- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Ken’s typical clients are high-achievers with a knack for being successful at whatever they attempt to accomplish. They are often well thought of and considered the best of the best. They hire Ken because they want to accelerate their achievements and increase the level of integrity in their overall lives.

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