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Transformative Funeral Leadership Course




3 Weeks


About the Course

In this course you'll learn the necessary elements to developing yourself, developing those around you and assembling those expert parts into a high-performing team. This will be done over the course of three 1/2 day meetings, using industry-tested and approved tools and content.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained the knowledge and confidence needed to:​

-eliminate interpersonal work distractions

-magnify employee talent

-organize teams for unprecedented success

-achieve culture change that maximizes the bottom line for your business


​This course will move experienced leaders toward mastery and new leaders towards greater competence and confidence.

You, your team and your funeral home will achieve positive results that will transform you into a leader in your industry and your funeral home into a desired business within your community.

Your Instructor

​Brien Dunphy, M.A. is a professor, pastor, counselor, ICF Professional Certified Coach, leadership trainer, and management consultant.

Brien works with independently owned and regional funeral homes. He assists owners and managers in solidifying their in-house talent and expanding their business while helping families successfully navigate the tumultuous dual relationship of being relatives and coworkers. His experience gives him insight into the unique challenges facing funeral home owners, directors, their teams, and their families.

With over 25 years in professional counseling and 10 years in management consulting with independent and family-owned businesses, Brien provides keen insights to improve personal performance, team dynamics, and organizational success

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